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What happens inside us when we see a painting, a piece of sculpture or an historic building? This question has occupied brilliant and inquisitive minds for centuries, so we will not try to put forward any obvious solutions. But we think we can be sure of one thing: an artistic experience changes you, whether for a few moments, a day, or the rest of your life.

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Client: Generali Group

Agency: Ragù Communication, Roma
Creative/Art Directors: Stefano Coccia, Giovanni Staccone
Strategist/Copywriter: Alessandro Brunetti
Producer: Giovanna Montani
Director/Editor: Salvatore Aquilani
Cinematographer: Francesco Pennica
Colorist/Motion Designer: Giuseppe Coccoli
Make Up: Arianna Ferrazin, Stefania Epifano
Actors: Roberto De Feo, Aldo Barsanti, Maria Anna Luring, Roberta Barbiero, Laura Pfaiffer, Elisabetta De Gasperi, Francesco De Stefano, Sara Gentili, Ruriko Masuda, Francesco Sponza, Caterina Biasiol.
Speaker: Edwin Alexander Francis

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Historische Häuser jetzt auf ‘Alice TV’ Deutschland im Fernsehen auf ASTRA Orbitalposition 19,2 Grad Ost, Frequenz 11 612 MHz horizontal (DVB-S, Symbolrate 22 000, Fehlerkorrektur 5/6) und in ‘live’ Streaming auf ‘Alice’ Italia Smart

ScreenHunter_224 May. 08 11.44

ScreenHunter_226 May. 08 11.44

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nota bene: other than the 0690287966 there’s a NEW additional Tel. N°.: 064821280 < – attenzione: nuovo numero in più


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in the Italian version I dub Richard Sammel (once again 🙂 as The Wolf

nella versione doppio (di nuovo 🙂 Richard Sammel nel ruolo di The Wolf

Scena in italiano -> Inseguimento a Parigi

here’s an action loaded car chase clip



and this shoot out scene (one of them) ->

The vocal presence of German director Werner Herzog as Castorp, a cheerful European spy with unclear allegiances, is an added touch of the bizarre in the dubbed (English language) version. / Nella versione Inglese ‘Castorp’ è doppiato da Werner Herzog (wow!) Grazie a Gualtiero Cannarsi e grazie allo Studio Ghibli per avermi scelto per la parte nella versione Italiano; grazie alla CDC-Sefit e alla Lucky Red. Speriamo che la programmazione nelle sale si estende oltre ai 4 giorni previsti…

si alza il vento

castorp small

Castorp – Jiro

nota:  Il titolo ‘Si alza il Vento’ si rifà al omonimo racconto di Tatsuo Hori che a sua volta è ispirato dal verso di Paul Valéry contenuto ne ‘Il Cimitero Marino’: “Si alza il vento, bisogna tentare di vivere” Ultima riga: Caproni a Jiro: “E tu devi vivere, ma prima passa da me che ho del buon vino” 🙂

this post is brought to you courtesy Voice Professionals Italy

ScreenHunter_113 Jun. 05 15.52

‘Dystopia’ by Francesco Meliciani: teaser in english:narrator:efr

to see the vid CLICK HERE ->

ScreenHunter_56 Apr. 03 16.06

adattamento e doppiaggio Tedesco: VPI

ScreenHunter_59 Apr. 03 16.19


ScreenHunter_62 Apr. 03 16.22

Regia di Aldo Di Russo

ScreenHunter_60 Apr. 03 16.21


ScreenHunter_65 Apr. 03 16.33



ScreenHunter_66 Apr. 03 16.34


from: Jean Hyland:

<< There is a very special show happening over the next couple of weeks.

‘The Juniper Passion’ is an opera written/composed in New Zealand; it is being premiered here in Italy in a few days’ time.



Friday 21st June at Cassino Teatro Romano in Cassino;

Tuesday 25th June at Sapienza Universita di Roma; Aula Magna;

Wednesday 26th June at Museo delle Navi Romane, Nemi.

here’s a vid clip of ‘The Prologue’ ->

The opera is being performed by a company that has travelled from New Zealand to Italy for the occasion. Even though the story was born in New Zealand, it was conceived in Italy. The story comes from Cassino and the battle there 60 years ago. The father of the writer (my friend John Davies) was one of the thousands upon thousands of people caught up in that battle. Upon his return to New Zealand after the war, John’s father became a farmer. John grew up on a farm in New Zealand; his father’s experience of the battle at Monte Cassino is part of John’s legacy. This opera is born of all these things.

And the company could do with some support/help

They need backstage help! Would you like to volunteer to be involved somehow?

They also need an audience. Will you travel to Cassino on Friday (21st) to see the premier of this show at 21.00/9 pm? Will you go to the show at the Universita di Roma on Tuesday next week (25th) or travel to Nemi for the show on Wednesday (26th)?

I promise the show will be something quite spectacular. This is your opportunity to see an extraordinary bunch of New Zealanders performing New Zealand work in Italy. >>

The links to the information about this show are:


please let us know if you want to be involved somehow.

write to: Jean Hyland:

or drop me a line and i’ll forward it to her and alert the Italian production partners / ph. @ VPI office: 0690287966



*click on the pic to enlarge


click on the link below to read the article by Giuseppe Lorin /

cliccate sul link sottostante per leggere l’articolo di Giuseppe Lorin

(c) courtesy 03/12/2012

-> Edwin Alexander Francis, dall’Hampshire a Roma_periodicodaliy.com031212

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