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Monthly Archives: February 2009

logo studio colosseoHi!…we’re holding the 1st of a series of multilingual voice test sessions @ studio colosseo. From Sunday 1st March:15:00 -18:00 hrs.; Monday 2nd & Tuesday 3rd March: 09:30- 19:45 hrs. By appointment only. We’re recording 3x 20″ takes. 3 “disciplines” are required. (1x documentary, 1x newsreel & 1x adventure story) You’ll all have a session of 15′. Scripts will be provided up front so you have time to prep.

here’s the link to the call sheet with the bookings:

Please contact Alison Cameron Adam (+39-349-0080801) or Edwin Alexander Francis (+39-335-5900674) for more info and appointments for the April sessions . Check out the flyer of the 1st Voice Test Sessions HERE >

 special thanx to Oliver @ Infolingua for the Voice Test Session scripts in 12 languages! ( up to now)


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