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Monthly Archives: April 2009

v.p.i. (provisional) about & mission



International resident voice art talent in Rome has responded exceptionally well to the call and is actively participating in the new audio production house cooperative network we intend to call “Voice Professionals Italy

Everything, from pre to post. All under one roof. 

In the heart of The Eternal City.

 The idea was born and put to the test immediately: the call consists in contributing to the on-line voice library, promote and market the mutual enterprise, bring your clients along and come and produce your own jobs. It’s as simple and straightforward as that. No membership, no fees or costs involved.

During the consolidation framework phase we’ve already held 3 major auditions. The Voice Test Sessions. One in March and one in April and one in May. More are due to follow. Up to date there are over 300 voice artists on the list. In 32 languages.

Some of the best voice actors in the world now call v.p.i. home.



v.p.i. is a top class, one-stop, turn-key audio production house, operating out of a down-town Rome state-of-the-art recording suite, offering production and post-production facilities, high quality music and sound effects. Day-to-day production and delivery are a prerogative. Reliability and quality are the essentials. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

 v.p.i. will compose the perfect project-specific original sound track; record in-house voice talent in any language, edit and deliver in the desired format and specifications, at the highest quality and with the quickest turnaround possible.

 We create our own exciting productions and distribute assignments among our in-house talent for project-specific professional services in the entire audiovisual field. We think that’s the best to start off!

 Transcription, translation, voice casting, narration, voice-over recordings, lip-synch dubbing, subtitling, sound effects editing, the creation of original sound trax?…….v.p.i project management will come up with the best custom solution.

 It’s not everyone’s core competency to produce. That’s why everyone in v.p.i. will be able to rely on the infrastructure we have created. Our major clients will be outsourcing voices. O.K., but we’ve got it all in the box already. It’s all there. All you have to do is send your clients the link to the v.p.i. website. They can do their own voice casting if they choose and browse through the library. After the pre-production briefing, we can do it better for them, though. We brainstorm and write the scripts for ourselves and for them. Made to measure. In any language. Then, our resident voice talent of professionally trained voice actors, directors, producers and sound engineers will record in pre-scheduled sessions.

We specialize in: documentary narration, multimedia presentations, e-learning programmes, subtitling, lip-synch dubbing, voice overs for industrial films and documentaries, training films, promos and business presentations, audio books, museum audio guides, cartoons, on-line demos, music and sound effects, radio and TV commercials.



v.p.i. provides accurate, international-class translation services thanks to its own pool of in-country, mother-tongue translators and reviewers world-wide.

v.p.i. translators and scriptwriters specialize in no-hassle script writing. Scripts drafted to be heard. Because communication with an international target audience is far more complex than just translating words. 

So, connect!

How you say something is just as important as what you say.

….v.p.i. will deliver your voice to the world!


 v.p.i. can rely on its academically trained and highly professional voice actors, speakers, composers and engineers: the in-house team of highly talented musicians and sound technicians can offer the original score  and musical accompaniment for any voice over project as well as an enormous range of specialist sound effects and crown it all with a perfect audio mix.

 Pictures can say thousands of things, but no visual is complete without sound.

v.p.i. composers and creative voice solutions will make the difference in any instructional or training film, any corporate communications video, business presentation, identity or branding visual, full-length documentary, cgi animated production, video clip, podcast, tutorial, website audio, commercial tv ad, promo or spot. …v.p.i. original sound tracks.

 find the perfect voice @ v.p.i….

 Yes. The difference is the “can do” approach. The v.p.i. production model provides fast and predictable delivery of technically excellent, ready-to-use, audio files. High-quality, delivered on schedule and accompanied by first class customer service make v.p.i. the best possible answer in international multilingual sound art out-sourcing.



v.p.i. market and target world-wide are: industry and business enterprises, film, video and documentary film productions, multimedia companies, radio and television broadcasters, advertising agencies, museums, marketing executives, hotels, corporate image, travel,….you name it.

v.p.i. can deliver.

V.P.I: Voice Professionals Italy.

Professional international voices.

 v.p.i. will guarantee smooth and cost-effective management. Our team of experts will design the perfect solution and supply the professional edge to suit any target audience …let’s go!

 Pay-off (provisional)

 Contact v.p.i. Voice Professionals Italy. Come to Rome. Enjoy your stay surrounded by History. Work in the shade of the Coliseum.

Great People. Good Vibes….just sounds good!






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