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Monthly Archives: May 2009











 was great to be able to contribute to the  Angels and  Demons “Angeli e Demoni” film-dub (the italian version) directed by Manlio De Angelis @ the SEFIT “Villini” studios, here in Rome. We did all the swiss guards, the scientists, security agents ( all the german “brusio” as the Italians call wallah), I had a minor part myself as some dying cardinal locked up as hostage ( or something like that) and then they called me up to coach (il grande) Luciano de Ambrosis in his giving voice to Armin Mueller-Stahls’ Cardinal Strauss; just a touch of a german accent ( without stepping on Benedict 17 ths’ toes too much)..fantastic, intense 3 hours hard work. He’s just great. I actually think Howard’s made a quite a good film out of a mediocre book ( ..although i never managed to finish reading it, i must say.)

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