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Monthly Archives: April 2010

I found this quite by chance browsing YouTube.

there are only 2 x 30″ spots included here (of a whole series. 2 shoots in all: 1 in 1989 and another in 91) …it was good fun tho: cruising around Tuscany and shooting all the interiors in the old Dino de Laurentiis Studios in Rome. We were surrounded by the  japanese staff and crew which ammounted to about  80 people, client, agency, production etc. etc. etc.; then all the italian personnel, grips and gaffers, production gang, drivers of all sorts of limousines etc., 10 runners or so, our art department (another 50 say) …..and us!: Mr. Connery, his make-up artist and hair stylist, his wardrobe assistant and me ( the 5 of us) ..oh, aye! we had a good larf alroight…the booze was disgusting moonshine harrharrharr…but oi’ll drinkkitt forr whatt itts woerrth ( sic Mr. Connery’s expression)

…tomorrow we’re back down under again.

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