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Monthly Archives: June 2013

from: Jean Hyland:

<< There is a very special show happening over the next couple of weeks.

‘The Juniper Passion’ is an opera written/composed in New Zealand; it is being premiered here in Italy in a few days’ time.



Friday 21st June at Cassino Teatro Romano in Cassino;

Tuesday 25th June at Sapienza Universita di Roma; Aula Magna;

Wednesday 26th June at Museo delle Navi Romane, Nemi.

here’s a vid clip of ‘The Prologue’ ->

The opera is being performed by a company that has travelled from New Zealand to Italy for the occasion. Even though the story was born in New Zealand, it was conceived in Italy. The story comes from Cassino and the battle there 60 years ago. The father of the writer (my friend John Davies) was one of the thousands upon thousands of people caught up in that battle. Upon his return to New Zealand after the war, John’s father became a farmer. John grew up on a farm in New Zealand; his father’s experience of the battle at Monte Cassino is part of John’s legacy. This opera is born of all these things.

And the company could do with some support/help

They need backstage help! Would you like to volunteer to be involved somehow?

They also need an audience. Will you travel to Cassino on Friday (21st) to see the premier of this show at 21.00/9 pm? Will you go to the show at the Universita di Roma on Tuesday next week (25th) or travel to Nemi for the show on Wednesday (26th)?

I promise the show will be something quite spectacular. This is your opportunity to see an extraordinary bunch of New Zealanders performing New Zealand work in Italy. >>

The links to the information about this show are:


please let us know if you want to be involved somehow.

write to: Jean Hyland:

or drop me a line and i’ll forward it to her and alert the Italian production partners / ph. @ VPI office: 0690287966


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