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Monthly Archives: August 2015

What happens inside us when we see a painting, a piece of sculpture or an historic building? This question has occupied brilliant and inquisitive minds for centuries, so we will not try to put forward any obvious solutions. But we think we can be sure of one thing: an artistic experience changes you, whether for a few moments, a day, or the rest of your life.

ScreenHunter_250 Aug. 31 12.43

Client: Generali Group

Agency: Ragù Communication, Roma
Creative/Art Directors: Stefano Coccia, Giovanni Staccone
Strategist/Copywriter: Alessandro Brunetti
Producer: Giovanna Montani
Director/Editor: Salvatore Aquilani
Cinematographer: Francesco Pennica
Colorist/Motion Designer: Giuseppe Coccoli
Make Up: Arianna Ferrazin, Stefania Epifano
Actors: Roberto De Feo, Aldo Barsanti, Maria Anna Luring, Roberta Barbiero, Laura Pfaiffer, Elisabetta De Gasperi, Francesco De Stefano, Sara Gentili, Ruriko Masuda, Francesco Sponza, Caterina Biasiol.
Speaker: Edwin Alexander Francis

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